30+ Years Of Medical Packaging Experience

Case Study

How Jamestown Plastics increased pack-out efficiency exponentially!

HealthCare Logistics is a leader in labels for the medical industry. Historically, they housed their label rolls in basic chipboard boxes which had to be assembled, then a sample label attached to the box to identify what labels were inside. All of these steps took time and made pack-out costly, especially for this relatively inexpensive product. So, they turned to Jamestown Plastics for a solution. We developed a dispensing version of our Clamtainer that pulls the roll liner out the side and peels the label free from the liner.

Sticker Clamtainer

We separately developed a series of three different-width clamshells which, collectively, hold the entire line of Healthcare Logistics’ label rolls. These replaced older blister-on-board designs, while also being stackable and reusable. The new clams increased efficiency of packing by a staggering 600-800%! They were also designed to fit into a dispensing container that holds 6-20 different label clams, providing a more efficient way for hospitals to store and use these labels on their medical carts.

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